Keg Washer/Filler Combo

8/2022 **CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE** as we make progress with our engineering process to bring you our own high quality fabricated Keg Washers. Please email to request more information when it becomes available. 


Automatic Control By PLC, All Parameters Can Be Adjusted Through Touch Screen.

Cleaning And Filling Process Can Be Finished In This Machine At One Time.

With Unique Pressure Maintaining System,Performance Stable And Reliable, Beer Loss Minimum.

With CIP Automatic Cleaning System

Table Board Is Lifting, And Convenient To Take Kegs, Labor-Saving And Time-Saving

Production Capacity: 30-40 Kegs/Hour

Applicable Kegs: Diameter 250-500mm   Height 360-600mm

Electric Or Steam Heating


Working Process

Filling Station: Fix The Keg--Filling--Stop--Take The Keg

Washing Station: Impact The Keg ---Drain Residue--Water Rinse--Caustic Rinse--Hot Water Rinse--Steam Sterilization -- Co₂ Pressurization -- Take The Keg

*This Product Has 1 Dedicated Filling Station And 1 Dedicated Washing Station-The Filling And Washing Stations Can NOT Be Used Interchangeably 


Lead Times May Vary Contact Us For Details

*This Product Requires An Air Compressor (Sold Separately) Contact Us For A Quote

*This Product Requires Co₂ (Sold Separately)

*Taxes/Tariffs/Shipping Charges May Apply