Single Station Keg Filler

All Procedures Are Thoroughly Controlled By SIEMENS Programmable Controller. All Parameters (Time Values) Can Be Adjusted Without Stopping The Machine.

Pressure Maintaining System Performance Is stable And Reliable To Ensure The Lowest Beer Loss Compared To Other Similar Products.

Production Capacity: 30-40 Kegs/Hour

Applicable Kegs: 1/6bbl 1/4bbl 1/2bbl

Filling Position:  Up


Working process:

Fix The Keg ---Start -- Co₂ Pressurization -Filling-- Stop-- Complete


Lead Times May Vary Contact Us For Details

*This Product Requires An Air Compressor (Sold Separately) Contact Us For A Quote

*This Product Requires Co₂ (Sold Separately)


*Taxes/Tariffs/Shipping Charges May Apply