Individual Kettle/Whirlpool (Professional)


-25-30% Head Space

-Inner Jacket 304 SS 3mm

-External Jacket 304 SS 2mm

-Top Manway

-Mash Mixer

-Tangential Whirlpool Inlet

-CIP Spray Ball For Full Coverage Cleaning

-Tig Welded

-Heavy Duty Legs With Leveling Pads



                 15 BBL 

Lead Times May Vary Contact Us For Details

*Electric Will Be 3 Phase Power-If Single Phase Power Is Needed Contact Us Directly For A Quote

*Direct Fire Requires Propane Burners (Sold Separately) Contact Us For A Quote

*Steam Requires A Steam Boiler/Generator And Piping (Sold Separately) Contact Us For A Quote

*Taxes/Tariffs/Shipping Charges May Apply