Automatic Keg Washing And Filling Line

-Full-Automatic Washing And Filling Without Manual Operation.

-Capacity: Single Line 60 Kegs/Hour Double Line 120 Kegs/Hour

-Features External Washing, Automatic Weighing, And Keg Flipping.

-Can Run A Separate Function For Cleaning Only.

-Mechanical Transmission Mechanism Adopts The Mechanical Crank Linkage Method, To Ensure Equipment Operation Is Stable, Reliable, And Accurately Positions The Kegs To Avoid Failures. 

-The Equipment Is Equipped With An Automatic Flow Detection Device, Pressure Detection Device, Residual Liquid Detection Device, Keg Spear Open Detection Device, And Working Station Alarm.

-The Filling Station Adopts CO2 Pressurization And A Totally-Closed Filling Method, To Guarantee Low Foam And Lowered Beer Consumption, Beer Loss Can Be Controlled Below 1%.

-Filling Capacity Parameters Can Be Set And Adjusted On The Integrated Touch Screen So In The Event Of A Filling Error Adjustments Can Be Made On The Fly . The Touch Screen Displays In Real-Time The Number Of Kegs And Filling Capacity.


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